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   The Legal Execution Department has opened a new service channel. For the people who have suffered Not convenient Received the unfair performance of the Legal Execution Department officers, can directly notify the Chief Executive of Legal Execution Department And ask for your kindly please provide your name, surname and address or telephone number that you can actually contact in order to be able to contact us for details of complaints reported. Due to the various problems that you inquire or complain directly affect departments or personnel of the Legal Execution Department. If the Legal Execution Department cannot contact you back Such complaints May not be considered

Legal Execution Department

Pass by bus : 57, .79, every minibus line

Place of treatment and disposal
Pass by bus : 19, 123, 124, 125, 127 ,146 ,149, .30, .33, .79, .170, .515, .516, .539, .542
Red minibus, only at Ѵͧ, Ѵд, Ѵ, Ѵо, Ѵӻ, Ѵҧ
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